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Frequently Asked Question

1.What is Food irradiation?

A:The Food irradiation means using radiation such as electron beam, X-rays and gamma rays. However, different dose and time for radiating will get different results. In fact, it’s really simple for operation: Sending food packages to the sterilized plant and loading them in the conveyer for irradiation process will be finished after saving the energy.

2.Why does food need irradiation?

A:Food irradiation can kill insects, moth and bacteria for safety and resistance corruption. Inhibiting sprout for potato and garlic and inhibiting insect pest for red beans, green beans, rice and flour. Besides, postponing the ripening for the fruit of mango and papaya etc.., and sterilizing for others food material.

3.What’s the benefit for Food irradiation?

(1)Elimination of bacteria
(2)Keep the nutrition, flavor, color and smell of the food.
(3)Reducing the artificial ingredients adding.
(4)Sterilization without any destruction ingredient; preservation the food and reducing the cost.
(5)The tiny influence for food ingredient among all sterilized ways.

4.Is it still nutritional after radiation?

A:Yes, it is. And it is more safe and nutritious. In fact, the nutritious losing will be the same or less for using large dose irradiation (extend the shelf-life) comparing with that of cooking or freezing. Otherwise, in the small dose radiation (less than 1 KGy) the nutrition losing is less than that of other food processing way such as cooking, freezing, canning or even storage. It does not significantly increase the temperature of the foods being processed and the flavor is still the same.

5.What’s the effect after irradiation?

A:Gamma energy can penetrate food and no area or part of the packaging can escape from gamma rays among all sterilized ways. It’s the most clean and safe way at present and adopted by many countries.

6.Does the radiation remain in Food?

A:It’s too tiny dose to causing the radiation remains. Irradiation passes though the Food and it won’t contact with the irradiation source which is like the rays trough the glass. Bacteria will be eliminated by the radiation but keep the food in high quality. However, the energy of radiation is not strong enough to change the atom of the food. The radiation won’t be remained because the radiation source won’t contact with the food directly.

7.Is it dangerous for taking the radiation food?

A:No. The Food irradiation investigated to be safe by hundred scientists in several universities, and American food and medicine examination bureau, Ministry of Agriculture and Department of Energy. Besides, it is endorsement by the scientific committee and the World Health Organization. There are over 224 kind of products are approved by 38 countries for Food Irradiation.

8.Is the bacteria destroyed by radiation and make the products to be aseptic?

A:No. Irradiation is the partial sterilization which is just like milk boiling for eliminating almost bacteria. After irradiation, the surviving bacterium will multiply again if the storage situation keeps not good.

9.Is the harmful chemical material produced after irradiation?

A:In fact, any kind of methods will cause food changed. But for irradiation the harmful material will be much less than that of processing of frying, baking, freezing.

10.Is the adverse effect for plastic or other packaging material after irradiation?

A:Packaging irradiation is certificated by American food and medicine examination bureau for over 20 years. Many suitable packing materials such PE was found out by Canada, UK., USA and proved its high reliability, total penetration for water and air and consistent results. Besides, the small dose radiation won’t make any harmful influence.

11.Does cost increase for using irradiation?

A:Any food processing will increase the cost such canning, freezing, disinfection. But for consumers, the most clean and safe way of sterilization should be the first choice. On the other hand, irradiation for sterilization will save a lot of money compared with that of others.

12.What kind of products applied to irradiation in local and foreign market?

A:In foreign markets, the good feedback from merchandise of apples, potato, onions, garlic, strawberry, papaya, mango, dried fished, port and spices. But in local market, the purchasing for irradiation is increasing since 1990 for using in garlic, potato, red beam and green beans.

13. Does any regulation restrain for improper using?

A:Various governments has legislated the stander rules for almost 180 irradiation plants worldwide. Food irradiation must be depended on GMP procedure for the safety guarantee and it is also certificated by WHO and EAO. Besides, the irradiation operator, date, purpose, dose must indicated in the package.