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Why using Gamma Irradiation

For the manufacturers of the medical facilities and the end users, labeling “Gamma irradiation” on the product packages means the reliable and effective way for sterilization. This is the most trustable and effective advertisement for promoting the products.
However, not every one realizes the meaning of “sterile” but roughly thinks sterilization is just to exterminate microorganism. But in fact, “sterile” means the microorganism’s survival percentage would be drop to the lowest point. General speaking, the microorganism returns alive rate should be smaller than SAL 10-6 after using gamma irradiation.
In order to have more detail realization for sterile and in order to know why the urgent requirement of Gamma irradiation, we can find some key points as below,
1. High Reliability 2.Permeability 3.Packing 4.No residuals 5. Reprocessing problem

1.High Reliability

Every manufacturer has many ways to choose how to sterile, such as Gamma irradiation, heat treatment, fumigation, ETO and chemical liquid. All of these ways can destroy the construction of the microorganism to achieving the purpose of sterilization. But only the one who using Gamma Irradiation would be the best way to low down the survival percentage of the microorganism. The most obvious difference for using the other sterile way is the variability which must be controlled in the one time in order to achieving the best efficiency for the sterilization. For example, using the way of ETO, the air of ETO must be permeated in the package and at the meanwhile, the timing, the temperature, the vacuum, the thickness of the air, the pressure and the relative humidity of the air must be strictly controlled. Namely, the quantity of the variability is the key point to affect the processing procedure. Therefore, you can find that Gamma irradiation would be the best reliable way for sterilization and its variability will be the less one except the consideration of the timing effect.

2. Permeability

Using ETO and fumigation although can exterminate the microorganism on the surface of the products, but the effect is not good enough for using on the product surface which is unable to penetrate. However, Gamma Irradiation can penetrate to each corner for every kind of product and you don’t need to care about the material of the package or the construction of the products.

3. Packing

For ETO and fumigation, package must be permeable but it’s unnecessary for Gamma rays. Given the penetrating nature of gamma radiation, permeable packaging materials are not required. Besides, Gamma Irradiation won’t damage the packages or even the seals.

4.No residuals

Gamma rays are pure energy. They do not create residues, nor do they have sufficient energy to impart radioactivity.
Gamma Irradiation is different from other ways such us ETO which will remain poison to harm human body.

5. Reprocessing problem

In fact, some problems are existed for using fumigation and ETO. Because using these ways need to vacuum and pressurize to let the disinfectant in and out, the package will broken and distortion due to the stress. Otherwise, Gamma irradiation using based on the normal temperature and pressure. Therefore, the above mentioned situation won’t be happened and there is no reprocessing problem for using Gamma irradiation. After realize the function and meaning of the“Sterility,” We firmly believe Gamma Irradiation is the best choice not only for the manufacturers to process their products but for the end users who satisfied with the products which processed with Gamma Irradiation.