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  • Since 1960 Gamma irradiation applied to medical facilities in UK, France and Australia.
  • In 1962 Johnson & Johnson applied to commercial scope.
  • In 1963 England and Scotland established the Gamma irradiation plant.
  • In 1970 Gamma irradiation bloomed due to the ETO sterilization causing cancer.

The theory of Sterilization:

  • Direct function: destroying DNA, cells and cell nucleus directly, preventing them to be reconstructed and making them losing metabolic ability to die.
  • Indirect function: The water inside or outside the cells is disintegrated to be H.、 OH.、 H20.、 free radical and H202 via gamma irradiation. However, there free radical will be reacted with DNA, enzyme and protein to induced the molecule changing its construction and then die.

Without any radiation residual:

The gamma rays, emitted from Co60 are pure energy (1.17MeV and 1.33 MeV) and don’t create residus, nor do they have sufficient energy to impart radio activity ( it need more than 10 MeV to cause the atomic nucleus). Besides, Co60 are sealed up in the double layer stainless tube and quarantined from radionuclides. Therefore, there won’t any radiation residuals.