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Application For Gamma Irradiation


1. Medical devices: Gamma irradiation can provide the best effective and reliable way to do non-toxicity sterilization. Gamma Irradiation doesn’t need to consider the packing permeability and resistance. It’s easy and fast to do it and applied to many big hospitals. The main products can be used in the gauze pads, the sponge balls, the sponge sticks, the surgical pencil, the surgery clothes, the gloves, the drive pipes, the tongue depressors, the dental devices, the implants, the bandages etc.

2. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics: Gamma irradiation can sterile the bacteria which existed in medicine and cosmetics for make sure the security. The main products could be eye medicinal ointments, raw material drugs, the enzyme products and the eye shadows, the eyebrow pencils, the pencils, and make-up powders.

3. Packing and experiment materials: Gamma irradiation could be applied to packing, food packing, medical products and experiment. The main products are included eye bottles, the aseptic sacks, the Petri dishes, the tubes, the animal fodders, the animal paper boxes.


1. Keep food fresh and sterile: Gamma irradiation can keep food fresh and reduce the bacterium in order to protect the food and extend the storage life. The main products are included dehydrated vegetables, seasoning, fragrant spices, garlic piece and frozen products.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine: Gamma irradiation is applied to traditional Chinese medicine and it can kill worms and reach the status of bacteriostasis for keeping the medicine fresh and safe.

3. Fresh food sprout inhibition: Garlic and potatoes can be inhibited sprout after Gamma irradiation for preventing toxin.

4. Cultural relic woodcarving preservation: Cultural relic woodcarving after Gamma irradiation may exterminate spore and the worm eggs for preventing mildew and the termites.


1. PTC THERMISTOR: Gamma irradiation could enhance the physical construction and change the physical characteristics. Besides, it may increase the value of the products.

2. Clean smoke: Gamma irradiation could reduce the pollution and besides it could be the supplement for cleaning materials.

3. Biochemistry science and technology: Processing for collagen and Chitin